Coral Skies Music Festival Back in Tampa and West Palm Beach

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Attention all hipsters: one of Florida’s favorite music festivals is back and better than ever this weekend!

The Coral Skies Music Festival features live music from a variety of Indie faves like City and Colour and Cage the Elephant, craft beer, local artists with wares to sell, and numerous food trucks.

BrightFire is super proud of the festival website we created for the event. The website features a variety of different components to ensure each festival goer has a great experience. Users can easily buy tickets, check out the schedule (which doesn’t include any overlapping acts for the optimal user experience), social media integration to share experiences, and see which vendors will be participating.

What’s a good event website without access to the artists? That’s why we’ve created custom artist pages which gives a detailed look into the type of music they play, their inspiration, and the dates and times they will be playing.

The best part is it’s easy to manage from a festival organizer or event producer perspective. We’ve developed an advanced lineup/schedule system that seamlessly integrates the festival schedule, lineup, and artist information. This new lineup/schedule system saves festival organizers precious time. Festival organizers can easy update the lineup, schedule, and artist information through the website’s content management system. One update in the organizer’s admin updates the information across the website.

Coral Skies Music Festival takes place all day on October 25 in Tampa and October 26 in West Palm Beach.

Check out the festival website now and let us know your thoughts!

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