Alex Aubain

Get to Know Alex Aubain

Over the last couple months, we’ve had some new faces join the BrightFire Family, one being Alex Aubain, a Digital Marketing Strategist.

Alex’s role at BrightFire involves helping new customers with onboarding and getting started with BrightFire. Onboarding includes getting our clients started with or updating their local business listings, social media platforms, and reviews & reputation management. Alex spends time providing support, service walkthroughs, and advising on SEO best practices to our insurance agency clients!

As a Skokie, IL native, Alex grew up in a northern suburb in Chicago and hasn’t lived anywhere else outside of Illinois and Atlanta. He loves helping people build their online presence and has had the opportunity to grow several brands with his freelance career. Lastly, Alex truly enjoys giving back to the community. He is an active member of the Chicago Food Depository and the Atlanta Food Bank, and regularly volunteers and fundraises to support those initiatives. 

At BrightFire, we’ve developed a series of questions that are scientifically proven to tell you everything you need to know about a person. Here are Alex’s responses to those questions.

What is your go-to karaoke song? 

I am not really a karaoke person. Most of the music I listen to does not have lyrics. You may find me reciting Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey Christmas favorites during the holiday season. 
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Haiti. Both my parents are from there and I still have yet to visit.

Photo taken in Labadee, Haiti

What do you usually do when you have time off?
If I am not working on a project outside of work, I am at the gym or trying to stay active. I will say since I have moved to Georgia I have been exposed to hiking which is pretty cool.

What’s your favorite movie, and why?
Dark Knight is an exceptional movie. Heath Ledger played an amazing role. There really isn’t a “favorite” movie. All the Star Wars movies are up there. Denzel Washington plays in amazing movies (Remember The Titans, John Q). There are many to choose from, but I love action/drama movies to say the least. 

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Deep Dish Pizza 

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