10 tips for insurance agents to grow their social media presence

Infographic: 10 Tips For Insurance Agents to Grow Their Social Media Presence

Social Media has revolutionized marketing by allowing customers to interact with an insurance agency’s brand in ways like never before.

This engagement not only helps to cultivate brand loyalty among existing users, but it can also help grow your agency when your customers share your social media posts with their friends and followers. If you’re not already maximizing your brand’s social media presence, it’s not too late to start. Here are 10 tips for insurance agents to grow their social media presence and generate leads.

10 Tips

for insurance agents to grow their

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Social Media Presence

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Here's how to maximize your social media presence and generate leads.

1. Set Your Goals

What would you like your customers to gain by following you on social media? Are you trying to generate new leads, increase your brand’s awareness, or establish yourself as a thought leader? There’s no right or wrong answer, but you do need to ask the question.

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2. Brand Like A Pro

By serving as an accompaniment to your company’s website, your social pages are an extension of your online brand. Use colors and graphics that are professional and consistent with your website to create a cohesive marketing statement.

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3. Analyze Your Competition

Which types of posts are getting high levels of engagement? Which posts are falling flat? Seeing what is, or isn’t, working for your competitors will give you a jumpstart on your own success.

4. Plan Ahead

If you aren’t posting regularly, you risk being crowded out by your competition. Create a monthly calendar for your social media posts to ensure you stay top of mind with your audience. The next time they have a question about insurance, they will think of you.

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5. Add Media

If a single hashtag is worth a thousand words, a poignant image, video, or infographic can be doubly so. According to marketing giant, Hubspot, social media posts that feature media garner twice the engagement of posts that are text-only.

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6. Call To Action

With over 3 billion users and a low cost per click rate, Facebook advertising is the most cost-effective way to get your brand in front of your target audience.

7. Facebook Ads & Post Boosting

If you don’t ask your customers to visit your website or give you a call, they’re probably not going to do it. Whatever it is, make sure the action you want your followers to take is clear and unmistakable.

8. Be Social

The only thing worse than not posting on social media is not responding to your customers’ feedback. There’s a reason it’s called social media “engagement”. So engage!

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9. Review

According to BrightLocal’s latest consumer review survey, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Use social media to drive your most dedicated fans to review your agency on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

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10. Measure Your Performance

The only way to truly know if you are hitting your goals with social media is to measure your performance. However, don’t be satisfied with merely reaching your goals. As your agency grows, push yourself and establish new goals to increase your audience and engagement.


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