Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Find The Consumers You’re Looking For

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As a Google Partner, you can trust the insurance marketing experts at BrightFire to make the most of your advertising dollars. We match the products you want to sell with insurance buyers in your preferred target geographic areas. You’ll see a strong return on your investment through a steady stream of new leads.

Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is Important to Insurance Agents

Pay-Per-Click Leads in the Sales Funnel

Generate Targeted Insurance Leads, Fast

Jumpstart your sales pipeline in a matter of days.

Impress consumers with professional online ads and landing pages that speak their language. From strategy, to verbiage, to design, everything is crafted with care to convert visitors into your future policyholders.

Stand Out Against The Biggest Names In Insurance

Even your independent agency can compete, and win.

Our battle-tested online advertising strategies allow your agency to go toe-to-toe with the biggest names in insurance at an affordable price. Every facet of each campaign is optimized to convert searchers into visitors into leads.

Pay-Per-Click Ads in the Google Search Results
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Experts

Tend To Your Leads, Not Your Ad Campaigns

We stay on top of the latest industry trends, changes, and best practices.

Managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns is incredibly complex and competitive in the insurance industry. Save your time, energy, and money by trusting the Google Ad Certified experts at BrightFire to manage everything for you.

Your Ads, Following Your Prospects

Stay top of mind even if they’re not ready to buy today.

Studies show that it can take up to seven ad impressions before a shopper clicks an ad. Stay in front of consumers by showcasing your agency’s ad repeatedly throughout Google’s massive advertising network. All it takes is a single visit to your website for your ads to follow them on other websites for months to come.

Pay-Per-Click Remarketing
“Our business remarketing campaign has helped us reach more commercial clients this month…compared to last year, it’s a 300% improvement.”
Scott Yeager
Sarvey Insurance

Included in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Fully Managed

Custom Ad Design

Custom Landing Page

Call Tracking

Click Fraud Detection & Protection

ROI Analysis

Google Ads

Google Retargeting

Google Partner

Google Ads Certified

Budget Planner

Paid Advertising Dashboard

Generate Targeted Insurance Leads. Fast.​

View Performance Data & Plan Your Advertising Budget


No Contracts. No Setup Fees. No User Fees. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How long does it take to launch the Pay-Per-Click Advertising service?

Typically, about a week. You’ll have a 30-minute kickoff call with a member of our team. Your ad campaign strategy will be determined during the kickoff call. Your ad campaigns will be created within a week and you’ll have a 30-minute launch call to review and launch your ad campaigns.

What does the recurring cost cover?

Within the ad network, it covers the creation, monitoring, and management of your ad campaigns. Within your website, it covers the creation and management of a unique landing page. You also receive a monthly metrics report and ongoing consulting from one of our Google Ads Certified experts.

Does your cost include the ad spend paid to the advertising network?

No. We only charge you for our services. Your ad spend is paid directly to the advertising network by you. We require a minimum monthly ad spend of $300 for search campaigns and $200 for display campaigns.

Which advertising networks do you manage?

We suppor the Google Ads advertising network.

What should I expect each month?

Once your campaign is live, we’ll monitor its performance and make tweaks as we see fit based on results. At the end of the month you’ll receive a report detailing your campaign’s most important metrics. You’re welcome to a monthly phone call with one of our consultants. We also provide a one-time ROI analysis at the end of the third month for each campaign.

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