Sales Tool Suite for Insurance Agency Websites

Save Time, Strengthen Relationships, and Increase Productivity

Sell more policies and improve customer experience with the Sales Tool Suite included with your Insurance Agency Website from BrightFire.

Meet the suite of BrightFire's sales tools built specifically for insurance agencies.

Put your website to work for your agency and impress your customers.

Video Proposals

Create and share recorded video proposals with a unique, private link just for your prospect.

Video Proposals are a great way to follow up with leads and walk prospects through their insurance proposal, especially when busy schedules don’t allow for a call. This customizable tool also gives your sales proposals a more personable touch as they give you a chance to show your authenticity and make a connection with your prospect.

Record your screen and/or webcam, complete with audio. Once you’re done recording, share the video with your prospect on a password-protected private link.

My Agent Personalization

Give your agents an edge by allowing them to share a unique link with any client.

When agents share their unique link with any client or prospect, their contact information appears throughout your website for that individual visitor.

My Agent Personalization is an easy way for your team of producers to add a personal touch to any page of your website and keep their name at the top of their prospect’s mind. Empower your team to build stronger relationships at every stage of the sales cycle.

BrightFire Promo Panel screenshot with panel minimized
BrightFire Promo Panel screenshot with panel expanded

Promo Panels

Subtle yet powerful on-screen website notifications.

Easily prompt website visitors to take the next step toward converting and becoming policyholders with Promo Panels. These subtle yet powerful notification boxes can improve your website’s conversion rate while helping you establish trust and credibility with your visitors.

Leverage multiple Promo Panels on your agency website simultaneously to highlight several important messages to your visitors. Sorting functionality allows you to control the order of your active Promo Panels, and they will rotate like a slideshow as visitors browse your agency website.
Example Promo Panels

Conversion Cues

Grab website visitors’ attention and convert more prospects.

With several styles and customizable triggers to launch Conversion Cues, your agency can capture leads and boost conversions at key moments during a consumer’s journey through your website better than ever before.
Conversion Cues can be activated to point policyholders and prospects in the right direction or encourage your visitors to get a quote, subscribe to your email list, read your blog, check out your awesome customer reviews, follow your agency on social media, and more.
Conversion Cues are fully customizable to be activated in the right place at the right time. They can be configured to display on every page of your website or only on specific pages. Additionally, you decide when they should appear, such as on page load, when a button is clicked, after scrolling past a certain point, after a period of inactivity, when there’s intent to exit the page, etc.
Turn a website visitor’s full screen into an attention-grabbing Conversion Cue for a great opportunity to have individuals take action.
Shown in the examples below, modal Conversion Cues blur the website in the background to highlight the customizable content of the modal window.
For announcements you want to share in a more subtle yet effective way, these Conversion Cues will slide-in on the bottom of a website visitor’s screen and still allow the individual to browse your website.
This style appears as a full-width, thin bar across the top or bottom of your website.
Example of a BrightFire Conversion Cue
BrightFire Conversion Cue Example
Blog content calendar

Blog & Customized Content

Every website includes an informative blog and fresh weekly content customized for your agency.

Educate your customers and build your online reputation with professional blog posts. Each week BrightFire will publish new blog posts on your website customized by the types of insurance your agency sells. Optional content tracks include personal, business, life, health, group benefits, Medicare, and diversity & inclusivity.

Real-Time Quoting Integration

Provide insurance quotes 24/7 when customers want them.

The BrightFire platform provides two types of quoting integration so insurance agents can provide real-time quotes on their website – Instant Quote Integration and Comparative Rater Integration.

For Instant Quote Integration, we can integrate several different instant quoters provided by carriers or other services. Example instant quoters include Progressive, Nationwide Express, Erie Insurance, Dairyland, Safeco, American Collectors, Hagerty, Mercury, and USLI.

Some current integrations of Comparative Raters include Vertafore PL Rating, Applied Rater, Compulife, EZLynx, AgentSecure, SinglePoint Leads, and bolt access.

We’re continuously adding support for more real-time quoting integrations. If you’re unsure if we integrate your go-to quoting tool, please contact us for more information.

Applied Rater
Erie Insurance
PL Rating
Smart Quote Forms
Graph illustrating smart form email routing

Smart Quote Forms

Smart, customizable quote forms designed to convert visitors to leads.

Our smart quote forms include several features that not only streamline your lead tracking but are specifically designed to increase your conversion rate. 

Custom text notification routing and custom email notification routing allow you to select which staff members receive specific quote requests. For example, all personal insurance quote requests can go to your personal lines agents and all commercial insurance quote requests can go to your commercial lines agents.

Integrate your forms with some of the most popular email marketing services so that your leads can automatically be added to your email marketing list.

Integrate your website form submissions with many instant quote services.

Our quote request forms are highly customizable. They are purposefully designed with reduced form fields in order to boost conversion rates. We can add additional fields of various types as well as conditional logic at your request.

Customize the on-screen confirmation to simply display a message or redirect to another page of your website. Additionally, we can customize the content of the email notifications as well.

Appointment Scheduling

Save time and close more sales.

Appointment or call scheduling allows prospects and customers, visiting your website, to view the current appointment calendars of your agents or producers, so they can schedule their own sales calls.

  • Customers can easily pick an open time slot and schedule a call at their convenience.
  • Available 24/7. Customers aren’t limited to business hours to make an appointment.
  • Improved customer experience. Your customers can make appointments on their own time and you eliminate the back and forth of traditional booking.
  • Always on. Your staff doesn’t need to be available to manually work out appointment details.
  • Save time and money with improved operational and staff efficiency. Your staff will spend less time on the phone booking and managing appointments.
  • Sends appointment reminders to minimize no-shows. If a customer’s schedule changes, they can also reschedule the appointment for another time on your calendar without having to correspond.

Every visitor to your website will have the opportunity to schedule a call with you based on the available times on your calendar. You retain the ability to select which hours, days, appointment types, and personnel are available, as well as how soon in advance appointments can be scheduled.  So it’s very customizable to your agency’s operations.

Schedule a call with sale team.
Notification Bars

Notification Bar

Display important notices or promotions across the top of your website.

Display important messages in an eye-catching bar at the top of each page of your website. You can schedule notices ahead of time or leave your notice up until you decide to take it down.
The Notification Bar is a quick way to make sure your website visitors are aware of altered business hours, holiday office closures, as well as promotions and charitable events.


Empower your team to engage with website visitors in real-time.

While browsing your website, prospects will have questions about your agency or services. Many customers prefer messaging in the early stages of the buying journey.

With Webchat, you can answer them immediately while they’re still on your website. Webchat is convenient for customers, helping you develop trust, build relationships, and move them down the sales funnel.

You don’t have to be online 24/7. If no one is available to chat with a visitor, they can leave a message which will be sent to your messaging inbox. They’ll also receive a text message confirming you received their message.

Conveniently access all your conversations in the unified inbox on your BrightFire dashboard, where you can also view messages from other social and review platforms.

Every visitor who engages with your agency through webchat is opted in to receive text messages. Send text messages and emails from the messaging inbox. Create customizable templates for text messages to help streamline communication with visitors.

Create user accounts for as many members of your team as needed. You can also group users into teams. BrightFire provides dashboard training for your entire team.

Chatbot example 1
Chatbot example 2
Chatbot example 3
Chatbot example 4
Chatbot example 5
Chatbot example 6

Conversational Chatbots

Streamline sales, speed up response times, and boost conversions.

Conversational chatbots help answer common questions from visitors and direct visitors to proper staff members based on a set of predefined conditions, triggers, or events in a conversational-type of interaction.

Always available 24/7, your website chatbot can collect some basic information before redirecting the customer to the appropriate staff member like a sales producer or a CSR.

Put BrightFire's sales tool suite to work for your agency.

Video Proposals

My Agent Personalization

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