BondExchange & BrightFire Form Partnership

BondExchange & BrightFire Form Partnership

BrightFire is pleased to announce the launch of an important partnership with BondExchange, the industry leading surety technology and service provider for insurance agents across the US. 

The partnership’s goal is to help independent insurance agents establish and grow their surety bond business by combining BondExchange’s surety bond solutions with BrightFire’s agency website and digital marketing services. 

As a wholesale-only surety bond broker licensed in every state, BondExchange provides independent insurance agents with the service and expertise necessary to satisfy their customers’ surety bond needs. BondExchange’s SuretyPro rater has apply and bind functionality that can help provide customers with immediate quotes and placements when embedded on an agent’s website.

BondExchange’s BookBuilder is an online agent directory that provides referrals and allows web visitors to submit commissionable bond applications from agent listing pages.

To gain access to BondExchange’s powerful tools for agents, visit the BrightFire customer enrollment page here:

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a free profile in BookBuilder, which includes your agency logo and bio.

You’ll also gain access to the SuretyPro bond rater. Simply reply to this email with the BondExchange website code, and we’ll embed SuretyPro on your BrightFire website free of charge. Once installed, you’ll be able to provide instant surety quotes on your website.

As part of our partnership, BrightFire is offering all of our digital marketing services, including Insurance Agency Websites, Reviews & Reputation Management, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Local Listings Management.

BrightFire will also host webinars to help educate BondExchange agencies on how to make the most of their digital marketing efforts so they can more strategically build their business with surety bonds.

For more information on BrightFire’s partner program with BondExchange, please contact us or call (888) 778-4393.

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