Fraudulent user prevented from clicking on a Google ad

BrightFire Adds More Click Fraud Detection & Protection to Pay-Per-Click Advertising Service

BrightFire has released an additional layer of click fraud detection and protection for its Pay-Per-Click Advertising service. This ad protection feature is available now to all BrightFire Pay-Per-Click Advertising customers at no additional cost.

What is Click Fraud Detection & Protection?

Did you know that digital ad fraud cost businesses approximately $65 billion in 2021? With BrightFire’s Click Fraud Detection & Protection feature combined with Google’s click fraud protection, your PPC ads will be better protected from invalid traffic clicking on your Google ads helping to ensure your ad budget is protected and your time isn’t wasted.

Stop Fraudsters & Bots Automatically

Fraudsters come in different disguises, and they can easily slip under the radar and cost you money without the proper protection. Here are the types of harmful sources we can keep from even being able to see your ads once fraudulent activity is detected:

  • Competitors: Yes, competitors can sometimes target your PPC ads to exhaust your budget. This type of click fraud can cause you to lose valuable leads for your agency.
  • Brand Enemies: When someone isn’t a fan of your agency, they may go out of their way to click on your ads to cost you money and deplete your ad budget.
  • Bots: Bots and botnets run by criminals and scammers make up a significant portion of PPC ad clicks. This feature will stop them right in their tracks.
  • Accidental Clicks: Even though these clicks are not malicious, they can cost you money.
  • Click Farms: These operations work to flood links with clicks to mimic human behavior, making them hard to spot.
  • Users in Foreign Countries: Even though Google Ads supports geographical targeting, it’s not 100% accurate.

Additionally, stopping bots and fraudulent ad clicks improves the machine learning that Google Ads uses to optimize ad placements. Fake conversions can lead to machine learning going after more low quality conversions. By prohibiting these low quality conversions, the machine learning will go after higher quality conversions.

Take Control of Your Ad Budget & Performance

Did you know that one out of three dollars spent by online advertisers is wasted due to ad fraud? (Source: Media Post 2019)

This new feature of our PPC advertising service gives you more control over your PPC ad budget with its 24/7 automatic click fraud protection. It’s designed to ensure you aren’t wasting your budget and valuable time on clicks from people and bots that want to harm your agency.

Ready to See What’s Possible?

For more information on BrightFire’s Click Fraud Detection & Protection feature for Pay-Per-Click Advertising and how it can help protect your agency’s ads from fraudsters and bots while protecting your budget, please schedule a free consultation or call (888) 778-4393.

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