suwanee georgia building

BrightFire Purchases New Property in Suwanee, Georgia

BrightFire is proud to announce today the purchase of our new office in Suwanee, Georgia. Located on three acres, the 6500 square foot facility will be completely redesigned and will begin the process of being completely renovated to fulfill the needs of our staff and BrightFire as we continue to grow for the next several years.

The new facility is only three miles from our current location in Duluth. It was selected because of the building’s size with room to grow, beautiful wooded lot with large lake, central location for our staff, and easy access to transportation.

With renovations to take approximately three months, we expect to move into our new space in October 2017. Renovations include new open collaborative work spaces, modern finishes and materials, and a large kitchen with break room.

It’s been just over 6 years since our merger that created BrightFire and we are eternally grateful to our customers and business partners that have grown along with us. This purchase is a tangible demonstration of our long-term commitment to our loyal customers, dedicated staff, industry partners, and our community in metro Atlanta.

We can’t wait to move in! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and photos as we progress through the renovations and then celebrate with an awesome open house.

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