Google Performance Max Campaign

Maximize Lead Generation with Google’s Performance Max Campaigns

We are proud to announce BrightFire’s latest release to its Pay-Per-Click Advertising service  — Performance Max campaigns.

Performance Max campaigns are the latest innovation from Google Ads.  This campaign type is conversion-focused and designed for businesses wanting to increase conversions and lead generation. Performance Max campaigns leverage machine learning to optimize campaigns for optimal performance while maximizing your budget. In simpler terms, Performance Max campaigns help you see better and faster results at the same budget.

Designed to help businesses find more converting customers across all Google channels, including Search, Gmail, YouTube, Display, Discover, and Maps, Performance Max campaigns use automated targeting and predictive machine learning to optimize campaign performance in real-time. 

Find more customers where they are.

In fact, Google’s studies have shown that Performance Max campaigns drove a 13% increase in additional conversions at the same or lower cost per conversion.

As an official Google Partner, BrightFire has demonstrated that we meet or exceed Google’s best practices, have Google Ads certified individuals on staff, and our managed campaigns have reached a high level of success. 

Performance Max campaigns are the latest example of how BrightFire continues to provide our expertise and the latest in advertising technologies to drive high-quality lead generation for our insurance agency clients.

Ready to Maximize Your Lead Generation?

To see how your agency can benefit from Performance Max campaigns and maximize its lead generation with the pay-per-click advertising experts at BrightFire, call us at (888) 778-4393, or schedule a call with us to discuss your lead generation goals.

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