Canopy Connect & BrightFire Partner to Streamline Agents’ Customer Experience

Canopy Connect & BrightFire Partner to Streamline Agents’ Customer Experience

BrightFire is pleased to announce the start of a partner program with Canopy Connect. The program’s goal is to streamline independent insurance agents’ customer experience through BrightFire’s digital marketing services combined with Canopy Connect’s pre-built agency website form integrations.

Since 2020, Canopy Connect has helped thousands of insurance agents, carriers, and innovators streamline their data collection processes from consumers. Canopy Connect’s frictionless website form integrations remove the need for consumers to find and input technical details to get a quote, such as their car’s VIN. Instead, consumers can provide the login information for their current insurance company, allowing agents to easily view the consumer’s current policies so they can more quickly and accurately create a quote for them. 

Visit Canopy Connect’s website to see how these tools can support your efforts to increase website conversion rates, improve quoting accuracy, and shorten quoting time.

Canopy Connect Integrates with BrightFire’s Agency Websites

BrightFire is delighted to be a recommended digital marketing vendor for Canopy Connect. We look forward to helping our mutual agency customers streamline their website customer experience by embedding the Canopy Connect form integration on their BrightFire websites. 

In addition to our Insurance Agency Website service, BrightFire is offering all of our other digital marketing services through this partnership, including Search Engine Optimization, Reviews & Reputation Management, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Local Listings Management.

Sample Website Integration on BrightFire Websites

There are three ways that Canopy Connect can be integrated with a BrightFire website – through a modal, widget, or link. Below is one example of how the integration can look for agents enrolled in BrightFire’s Insurance Agency Websites.

Sample Canopy Connect Website Integration on BrightFire Websites

Educational Digital Marketing Webinars

BrightFire and Canopy Connect will also host webinars to help educate agents on how to make the most of their digital marketing efforts to enhance the customer experience, improve their search engine optimization (SEO), and generate more leads.


For more information on BrightFire’s partner program with Canopy Connect, please contact us.

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