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A Diva, a Pimp, and a Mandalorian Walk Into a Bar

A diva, a pimp, and a Mandalorian walk into a bar…

That’s what happens every time Becky, Shawn, and Michael go into a bar now because they have just received new job titles.

The entire staff at BrightFire has had a job title makeover, and let’s just say there was no corner unturned with the creative whims of each employee.

Here’s the list of the new job titles:

  • Shawn Jenks: Pixel Pimp
  • Michael Garner: Mandalorian Marketing Warrior
  • Nadia Garner: First Lady of Finance
  • Matt McKenny: Master Builder
  • Nathan Powell: Master Coda
  • Julie Watson: Project Meanie
  • Greg Mercer: Project Herder / TV Historian
  • Bob Whitis: Tech Trailblazer
  • Nick Singleton: Website Wingman
  • Hannah Day: Mother of Dragons
  • Becky McDaniel: Digital Marketing Diva
  • Will Funderburke: Donatello Does Machines

Which job title is your favorite?





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