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BrightFire Releases Updated Erie Insurance Website Widgets

Working together with Erie Insurance, BrightFire has just released an updated version of the Erie Insurance website widgets across all BrightFire agency websites in the Erie Insurance Program. These widgets include the Auto Quote Widget, Bill Payment Widget, and the new ERIE Life Insurance Calculator Widget.

As with all links from your BrightFire website to, agent personalization of continues and your agent photo and contact information will be displayed on ERIE’s company website.

New Graphic Design

The design of the widget graphics has been updated to have a more modern look and better reflect ERIE’s current brand colors.

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Mobile Responsive

In order to have the best functionality across all devices and browsers, such as, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, we have designed the new website widgets to be “mobile responsive”. This means that the size of the graphics will adapt to the size of the screen or window used to view your website. You will see the biggest benefit of this when using one of our new mobile responsive agency websites.

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New Widget Available: Life Insurance Calculator

In addition to the Auto Quote and Bill Payment Widgets, BrightFire is introducing a new widget option for the ERIE Life Insurance Calculator. The ERIE Life Insurance Calculator is a helpful sales tool that will quickly provide your website visitors with an estimate of how much life insurance coverage would be best for their particular situation.

The Life Insurance Calculator Widget will not be added to your website automatically. You must request it to be added to your website; however, there is no cost.

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What’s Next

Look out for future announcements as BrightFire has several exciting new features scheduled for release this year.

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