Humanize Your Brand Online To Boost Trust & Grow Your Agency

Humanize Your Brand Online To Boost Trust & Grow Your Agency

The Insurance Dream Podcast recently invited BrightFire Manager of Strategic Partnerships Spencer Breidenbach to share key insights on, “Humanize Your Brand Online To Boost Trust & Grow Your Agency.”

In the three-part series, The Insurance Dream Podcast host Abe Boling and Spencer discuss how independent insurance agents can humanize their brand on their agency websites, local listings, online review platforms, and social media channels. 

View a summary of the three-part series below, or listen to each podcast episode here:

Part 1: Humanize Your Brand with Insurance Agency Websites

It can be easy to rely too heavily on technology and lose the human side of your agency. Yet, as an independent agency, it’s important to remember that it’s not just insurance you’re selling. Consumers want a local, independent insurance agent they can trust during the sales process and for ongoing service. 

In this podcast episode, Abe and Spencer talk about several improvements you can make on your agency website to stay personal with consumers online, including:

  • Speak directly to your audience and their needs by writing different website pages for various industries and lifestyles. 
  • Include local photos and localized keywords in your content to improve your visitors’ overall experience and boost your rankings in Google’s search results. 
  • Highlight your experience with an about page that tells your agency’s story and emphasizes your stability in the industry.
  • Create a staff page with names, bios, photos, and contact information.
  • Prominently display your phone number, live chat, and appointment scheduling integrations to make it easy for visitors to contact your agency.

Part 2: Humanize Your Brand with Local Listings & Online Reviews

In this podcast episode, Abe and Spencer talk about how and why you should humanize your brand online through your local listings and online reviews. 

Here are a few insights they shared: 

  • It’s crucial to fill out your agency’s local listings and online review profiles with consistent and accurate information to build trust and credibility with consumers and search engines. 
  • Google and other search engines will penalize your listings if you have inaccurate or inconsistent information shown, moving your agency down in the search results. 
  • Your agency should also strive to consistently generate new online reviews, since 85% of consumers disregard local reviews that are more than three months old (Search Engine Land). 
  • To generate new reviews consistently, you should ask customers to write a review and make it easy for them to do so by sending them a link to your different review profiles.

Part 3: Humanize Your Brand with Social Media 

In the final podcast episode of this three-part series, Abe and Spencer talk about how your agency can humanize your brand on social media. 

Here are a few tips and thoughts they discussed on the topic:

  • Social media is your agency’s space to communicate and connect with insurance consumers in a fun, casual way. 
  • Your social media channels do not replace your website. 
  • One simple way to grow your following is to ask your customers to follow you on your different channels. 
  • Creative posts and videos that include your team members, such as behind-the-scenes footage in the office, celebrating work anniversaries or birthdays, and showing off pets when they come to the office, often receive the most engagement.
  • Social media can help keep your agency top of mind with policyholders when it comes time to renew their policies. 


If you have any questions about what we discussed in the podcast series or any of BrightFire’s digital marketing solutions, please schedule a call with sales.

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