LifeExec Partners with BrightFire

LifeExec Partners With BrightFire

BrightFire is pleased to announce a partner program with LifeExec to help insurance agencies improve their lead generation, referrals, and customer relationships. The program will achieve these goals by leveraging BrightFire’s digital marketing solutions combined with LifeExec’s reciprocity marketing solutions.

LifeExec helps agencies encourage and retain prospects through reciprocity marketing, which describes the idea that when prospects receive something of value for free, they are more likely to perform an action to support your agency, such as purchasing a new policy. LifeExec offers two solutions. The first solution is Blueprint for Life, while the second solution is named LifeExec.

Blueprint for Life

Blueprint for Life is a digital library of insurance-related video courses. Your agency can give away access to Blueprint for Life to an unlimited number of policyholders or prospects. These on-demand, educational videos cover what policyholders should do during various minor and major life events, such as losing a phone or wallet, buying a new house, losing a loved one, having a baby, starting a business, etc.

By leveraging LifeExec’s Blueprint for Life during pivotal moments in consumers’ lives, agencies can reap the benefits of reciprocity marketing by becoming a trusted resource while increasing retention and close rates.


LifeExec can help consumers formulate pre-written and automatic emails to send to their emergency contacts when a life event happens that is contained within Blueprint for Life and LifeExec. LifeExec offers help drawing up a will, a durable power of attorney, and other ancillary benefits.

If a consumer you’ve given access to Blueprint for Life purchases the LifeExec service your agency will receive a recurring commission.

See What’s Possible

Through this partnership, LifeExec is offering BrightFire customers a free 30-day trial of Blueprint for Life and/or LifeExec. Visit the BrightFire portal on LifeExec’s website to learn more about their products and how they can support your efforts to become a valuable resource for consumers.

As part of our partnership, BrightFire is offering all of our digital marketing services, including Insurance Agency Websites, Reviews & Reputation Management, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Local Listings Management.

In addition, this partnership offers BrightFire clients two LifeExec integrations. First, if you have an Insurance Agency Website with BrightFire, you can opt to have a page created showcasing Blueprint for Life to act as a lead generation channel promoting free access to Blueprint for Life.

Second, if you have Social Media Marketing with BrightFire, you can opt to receive 3-5 social media posts written by LifeExec each month promoting Blueprint for Life on your social media channels. 

BrightFire and LifeExec will host joint webinars to help educate agencies on how to make the most of their digital marketing efforts to generate more leads, improve their agency’s reputation, and increase customer retention and loyalty.

For more information on BrightFire’s partner program with LifeExec, please contact us or call (888) 778-4393.

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