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BrightFire Provides Whole Site SSL Encryption At No Additional Cost

BrightFire recently announced the launch of new mobile responsive website design themes. There is another huge feature that is included with the new designs. Whole Site SSL Encryption is also included at no additional cost!

What is SSL Encryption (HTTPS)?

SSL (or Secure Socket Layer) allows secure, encrypted data traffic on the internet. With regard to websites, it means securing data sent between the visitor’s browser and the website or webserver. When your website is encrypted, your website address will show in the browser as “https://…” and include a green lock symbol indicating your website is secure. See image below as an example.

ssl encrypted insurance websites

Now all BrightFire mobile responsive themes will include whole site SSL encryption on your domain name so that every page and form is encrypted with secure 256 bit level encryption. This is the strength of SSL encryption approved by financial institutions, government sites, and even HIPAA protected medical files.

Website SSL Encryption Benefits

  • Data protection and security for customers and partners
  • Improved Google rankings and SEO
  • Better website visitor conversions – trust
  • Visitor peace of mind
  • Helps comply with HIPAA regulations
  • Helps satisfy your E&O policy requirements

Do You Have Whole Site SSL Encryption?

Whole Site SSL Encryption improves trust and visitor conversions while boosting your Google rankings. With so many major advantages to using Whole Site SSL Encryption, why are so many websites today not using it?

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