BrightFire's 20 Minute Marketing Webinar on Better Measure Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Success With Call Tracking

20 Minute Marketing Webinar: Better Measure Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Success with Call Tracking

Ever ask a customer, “how’d you find out about our business?” With Pay-Per-Click Advertising call tracking from BrightFire, you’ll know the answer. Even better, you’ll know which ad or campaign sparked your best leads to call, click, and convert. 

View this webinar on-demand as BrightFire’s Sales Advisor Spencer Breidenbach discussed how implementing BrightFire’s new call tracking feature into your pay-per-click advertising can help you better understand your marketing efforts and track your conversions.

What to expect from this webinar:

  • The Importance of Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • The Call Tracking Feature
  • How Call Tracking Works
  • 5 Reasons Why Call Tracking is Essential to Lead Generation via PPC

Finally, they’ll dive into how BrightFire’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising with call tracking service can support your agency to quickly and efficiently generate targeted insurance leads.

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Additional Questions?

If you have any questions about this webinar or our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service, please contact us or call us at (888) 778-4393.

Webinar Transcript

Princess: Hello everyone! My name is Princess Ruff, and I’m a Digital Marketing Coordinator here at BrightFire, as well as your host for today’s webinar. Thank you all for joining us.

In August, we covered Unlock the Power of Social Media Engagement. If you missed it, or any of our previous webinars in the 20 Minute Marketing Webinar series, you can access the whole series on-demand by visiting

Our goal with these webinars is to provide you with digital marketing advice and discuss current digital marketing topics in a brief 20-minute format followed by a Q&A period to answer any questions you may have. If you have questions during the webinar, please use the Q&A feature in Zoom found at the bottom of the screen. We’ll do our best to answer all of the questions that come through; otherwise, we will personally reach out to you afterward.

Today’s webinar topic is Better Measure Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Success with Call Tracking, and it will be presented by Spencer Breidenbach, one of our Sales Advisors here at BrightFire.

Have you ever asked a customer, “how’d you find out about our business?” With Pay-Per-Click Advertising call tracking from BrightFire, you’ll know the answer. With call tracking, we have the ability to assign dynamic phone numbers to each of your PPC campaigns. 

This new feature takes the guesswork out of analyzing your PPC campaigns and helps you better understand how your advertising marketing efforts are impacting your bottom line. When you understand which marketing efforts make your phones ring, you’ll stop wasting money on efforts that don’t. 

Today’s webinar is being recorded, so everything we discuss will be saved and emailed to you in the next business day or two so you can watch it later on-demand.

Lastly, we do have a couple of polls for today’s webinar. When launched, you’ll see the poll pop up on your screen with the question and multiple-choice options. You can select more than one response, and every poll is anonymous. We’ll give you roughly 30 seconds to share your response, and then we’ll discuss the results with the group.

With that being said, I’ll go ahead and hand it over to Spencer to kick off today’s webinar.

What’s Ahead

Spencer: Thank you Princess and thank you everyone for joining us today. As agency owners, generating consistent leads is a top priority. Additionally, it’s important to know exactly where your leads are coming from so that you can know where to focus your marketing efforts. 

In today’s webinar we will discuss why Pay-Per-Click Advertising is important and how call tracking will help you understand your conversions and what ad(s) are generating the most phone calls. We will also dive into how call tracking works and why it’s an essential part of your lead generation strategy.

Finally, I’ll cover how BrightFire can help you better understand your advertising efforts with our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service that includes Call Tracking.

About BrightFire

Spencer: Before we get into call tracking, here’s a brief background on BrightFire, since we have a mix of current customers and agents that are new to BrightFire attending today.

BrightFire began by providing insurance agency websites in 2000. Over the years as the needs of insurance agents grew, we expanded our digital marketing services beyond agency websites to also include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reviews & Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local Listing Management
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Currently, there are over 2,500 independent agencies using at least one of BrightFire’s digital marketing services

So with that background on BrightFire, let’s get started.

Why is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Important?

Spencer: So the first thing we’ll touch on today is why pay-per-click advertising is important. Lead generation is a key business goal for many insurance agencies. Traditional marketing tactics like referrals, word-of-mouth, and networking are all tried-and-true ways to generate leads. But, for us and many of our clients, there’s nothing quite as powerful as Pay-Per-Click Advertising for lead generation.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising lets you reach your audience as they’re actively searching for insurance. In fact, Clutch research shows that 33% of online users click on a paid search ad because it directly answers their question. Simply put, if your ad is a solution to the problem that an online user has, they are more likely to reach out to your agency to fulfill their need.

Secondly, you target users based on their specific geographic location and the specific keywords or phrases they search. You can focus your budget on qualified leads by selecting keywords with clear purchasing intent.

Next, pay-per-click ads can also help you if your SEO has not been successfully getting your website ranked high in search results. Ads in Google’s search results pages take up a huge amount of real estate at the top of each page before the organic non-paid search results.

The last reason why PPC advertising is important is fast results. PPC advertising makes it possible to reach your target audiences fast – especially when compared to SEO. While SEO and Google rankings can take weeks or months. At BrightFire, we typically launch PPC campaigns about a week after your initial onboarding call. Your ads will be displaying in search results for the insurance keywords you’re targeting very quickly.

What is Call Tracking?

Spencer: Now that we’ve discussed why pay-per-click advertising is important and how it can be a profitable channel within your marketing strategy, let’s discuss call tracking.

Call tracking is a type of conversion tracking that shows how many prospects have called your business after engaging with one of your pay-per-click ads. With call tracking, we have the ability to assign a unique phone number to each of your pay-per-click campaigns. 

Thus, you can definitively prove the value of your PPC advertising and understand which campaigns and ads are driving those inbound calls. With these call tracking metrics available to you, you will have a more accurate view of your Return on Investment.

Many people may think that in this digital era, phone call leads may not be a quality lead source. However, according to PowerTraffick, out of all mobile customers, 70% call their target business directly through Google Ads.

That’s a lot of mobile users who choose to actively call a business simply from being served that business’ ad!

BrightFire 20 Minute Marketing Webinar Infographic on the Use of Call Tracking

So how does call tracking work exactly?

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Spencer: Call Tracking has two functions. The first one is providing a unique tracking number for each advertising campaign to attribute all calls made to the tracking number to the advertising campaign. This takes the guesswork out of analyzing where your leads came from and which ad made them call.

Secondly, that unique tracking number can be displayed in a Google Ads call extension, click-to-call ad, and on the unique landing page where users who engage with your ad are taken.

This feature helps you understand how well your ads, ad groups, and campaigns are working for your business, allowing you to invest more wisely and help boost your return on investment.

BrightFire 20 Minute Marketing Webinar Infographic on Lead Channels that Produce Great Quality Leads

Now that we’ve covered call tracking and how it works, we’ll dive into 5 reasons why this powerful feature is essential to generating more leads for your agency. 

5 Reasons Why Call Tracking is Essential to Lead Generation via PPC

Spencer: First, as we’ve mentioned earlier in the webinar, call tracking allows you to know the exact source of your phone leads. This properly attributes conversions for leads who call the unique tracking number placed on your ad and the unique landing page created for your ad. With over 92% of all customer interactions happening over the phone according to Salesforce, it’s important to know where your phone leads are coming from. Without properly attributing conversions for all phone leads, your PPC metrics will appear to be performing worse than they actually are. 

Secondly, phone leads have a higher conversion rate. Research from Marketing Sherpa and HubSpot indicates that 25-40% of inbound phone calls to local businesses turn into customers. So be sure to consider the importance of phone leads when building your marketing strategy!

Spencer: The third reason call tracking is essential is that mobile search trends are driving more inbound calls. For example, including a click-to-call feature in your ad is easier than filling out a form on a mobile device. According to Google, 60% of smartphone users have used the “click to call” feature to contact a business.

The fourth reason why call tracking is crucial for lead generation is the additional insights you can gain. Call recordings and user analytics on calls placed to tracking numbers can provide useful insights into how your sales staff and advertising campaign are performing. Call recordings can be used to identify areas of improvement in your processes and ideas to better train your staff.

Spencer: The last reason is phone leads can automatically be captured in your CRM via automated integration in some cases.

Some CRMs can be integrated with popular call tracking services, meaning that calls from numbers not associated with an existing contact in your CRM will trigger the creation of a new contact.

Call tracking prevents your phone leads from being missed in your reporting metrics and takes the manual labor out of transferring your leads to your CRM.

With that information on pay-per-click advertising with call tracking, here’s how BrightFire can help you get started generating high converting phone leads.

How BrightFire Helps with Pay-Per-Click Advertising Call Tracking

Spencer: BrightFire’s Pay-Per-Click-Advertising with Call Tracking takes the guesswork out of analyzing your PPC campaigns so you will know which campaigns are most successful. We’re proud to announce that we’re offering this new feature with our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service at no additional cost. 

Our team of Digital Advertising Strategists and web and graphic designers can support your efforts to build a strong advertising strategy.  After we have discussed your agency’s goals and needs, we’ll be equipped to design ad campaigns that will target your ideal audience and help you stand out locally against the biggest names in insurance. 

In addition, BrightFire is an official Google Partner. We’ve earned this designation by continuously demonstrating our expertise in Google Ads, and we have both Google Ads Certified and Google Analytics Certified experts on staff.

We work with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads, which was recently rebranded as Microsoft Advertising.

We provide everything you need to be successful and generate leads with pay-per-click advertising, including account setup for each ad platform, copywriting, graphic design, custom ad design, a custom landing page for each campaign, call tracking with local phone numbers, ROI analysis after 3 months, monthly reporting, and monthly consultation calls with one of our Digital Advertising Strategists.

With the help of our Google Ads certified experts to take care of your campaigns, you’ll be able to spend more time tending to your leads, saving you time, energy, and money.

How to Get Started with BrightFire

Spencer: So how can you get started? Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service is only $100 per month per ad campaign. There is a $200 monthly minimum ad spend per campaign. Ad spend is paid directly to the advertising network.

Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service, like all of our digital marketing services, does not have setup fees or contracts. We also include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Onboarding is easy and consists of two 30-minute phone calls. Typically, your ads will be live within about a week of signing up.

As a thank you for attending today, we’re offering a $50 promo to webinar attendees. You can receive a $50 account credit for signing up for our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service. This promo ends November 30th, 2021.

To get started generating leads with Pay-Per-Click Advertising from BrightFire, please visit our website at or you can also speak with a BrightFire expert at 888-778-4393.

Q&A on PPC Advertising Call Tracking

Spencer: That concludes our presentation on Better Measure Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Success with Call Tracking. I’ll now hand it over to Princess for our Q&A session, if anyone has any questions!

Princess: Thanks Spencer! As a reminder to our attendees, we’ll do our best to answer any questions that come through. If we aren’t able to address your question during the webinar, someone from BrightFire will follow up with you via email to answer your question. Let’s get started.

“Will the phone number on my website change?”

Spencer: That’s a great question. So, the phone number on your public website would not change. That unique call tracking  number would only be used for the ad and the unique landing page for your ad campaign. The unique number is used simply to attribute all calls made to the tracking number to the advertising campaign, alleviating a lot of the guesswork for our agents.

Could someone see my phone number on the ad and just call it without clicking the ad?

Spencer: Another great question. Yes, someone can call your unique tracking number without clicking the ad. The great thing about that is, it would be a free lead for your agency since you wouldn’t be charged for a click by the advertising network.

Do I get charged each time someone calls my number – similar to an ad click?

Spencer: Great segway question! You are only charged when a user clicks on your ad. You are not charged any additional fee by Google or BrightFire if a user who clicked your ad also calls the tracking number.

Can I forward different tracking numbers to different agent phones?

Spencer: These are awesome questions today, everyone. You do have the ability to forward tracking numbers to different agency phone numbers; however, there is only one tracking number per campaign. So, for example, if you’re running multiple ad campaigns targeting different types of insurance like auto and life, we can forward the unique tracking number for the auto insurance campaign to the direct number of the personal lines insurance agent on your team and then the life phone leads would forward to the life insurance agent.

Princess: Thanks, Spencer! Well, I think that is all the time we have for questions today. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question, and again, we’ll follow up with you individually after the webinar if we didn’t get to your question today.

Before we close, I’d like to remind everyone of our upcoming 20 Minute Marketing Webinars.

Upcoming 20 Minute Marketing Webinars

Princess: Our webinar in January is, “Humanize Your Website & Boost Sales With My Agent Personalization.

As an independent agency owner, you understand building relationships with policyholders and prospects is crucial to growing your book of business. Now more than ever, it’s important to maintain those same personalized experiences on your agency’s website.

In this webinar, we’ll unpack what BrightFire’s My Agent Personalization tool is and how your agency’s sales team can leverage it on your Insurance Agency Website to improve your customer experience, increase efficiency, and boost your agency’s sales.

This webinar will be held Thursday, January 27, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern or 11:00 a.m. Pacific.

You can reserve your spot at these webinars by visiting the webinars page on our website at

So that does it for today! From me, Spencer, and the rest of the BrightFire team, we’d like to thank all of you for attending.

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