BrightFire Adds Call Tracking for Pay-Per-Click Advertising

BrightFire is proud to announce the release of the latest addition to our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service for insurance agenciesCall Tracking.

What is Call Tracking for Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Have you ever asked a customer, “how’d you find out about our business?” With Pay-Per-Click Advertising call tracking from BrightFire, you’ll know the answer. With call tracking, we have the ability to assign dynamic phone numbers to each of your PPC campaigns. 

This new feature takes the guesswork out of analyzing your insurance PPC campaigns and helps you better understand how your advertising marketing efforts are impacting your bottom line. When you understand which marketing efforts make your phones ring, you’ll stop wasting money on efforts that don’t. 

Call Tracking is included in the price of our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service. Take control of your lead generation with BrightFire’s Call Tracking for Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

For more information on BrightFire’s Call Tracking for Pay-Per-Click Advertising feature and how it can help you improve your agency’s digital advertising campaigns, please schedule a call with us or call (888) 778-4393.

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