Local Campaigns for Insurance Agencies

Boost Foot Traffic With Google Local Campaigns

BrightFire is proud to announce a new campaign type for Pay-Per-Click Advertising that can help you increase awareness of your insurance agency, stand out to nearby customers, and increase foot traffic – Google Local Campaigns.

What are Local Campaigns for Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

A Google Local Campaign is quite different from a standard ad campaign around your “local” geographical area. A Local Campaign is a digital advertising campaign type based on your Google My Business location(s) through Google Ads that allows you to showcase important business information to local potential customers in an effort to boost your agency’s foot traffic. With Local Campaigns, you will have the ability to promote your insurance agency across multiple channels. These campaigns are displayed on the following Google platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network (Represents 90% of websites on the internet.)
  • Google My Business Profiles of Local Competitors

BrightFire is a Certified Google Partner

With Local Campaigns, all we need to know is the office location you’d like to promote, a campaign budget, which type of insurance you’d like to target, and we’ll handle the rest! Google’s machine learning technology automatically optimizes bids, ad placements, and asset combinations to start attracting new potential customers for your agency. This technology combined with BrightFire’s expertise in Google Ads results in a winning strategy for local ad campaigns.

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